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Technical Requirements

My technical requirements are simplicity itself. I perform all scores live by myself with a synchronized laptop computer and an NS Designs EU-6 bowed electric double bass. 


Space Requirements—


  • 6 square feet of space
  • Downstage left; just to the right of the screen
  • 1 Music Stand and Stand Light (depending on the score)
  • Small table for Laptop
  • Minimal Lighting to be able to see instrument




  • 1 Outlet with extension cords as needed
  • 1 Power Strip




  • Left and right stereo outs are at line level, 1/4” jacks
  • 1/4” to XLR adapters and snakes as needed
  • If the resident sound system is not available, powered speakers suitable to the size of the venue and stands will need to be rented. Subwoofers are optional. If the venue is within driving distance of Los Angeles, the performer may be able supply the powered speakers and stands.
  • 1 Sound/video tech to start and stop the film and assure volume levels are comfortable for audience




  • Blu Ray or DVD player (depending on the film)
  • If DLP or 35mm prints are available, special arrangements must be made
  • Screen suitable to the size of the venue
  • Projector with high enough lumens to suit the size of the screen
  • If on Blu Ray or DVD, Performer will supply the film
  • DLP or 35mm, Venue will supply the film
  • Venue pays all film licensing fees




  • 2½ hour sound check the day of the performance with tech.
  • Performances using 35mm prints may require additional rehearsal.